Making my monitors intuitively positioned left, center and right

I absolutely love my Plugable adapter and have three monitors hooked up. Problem is that my main monitor is in the center and I can’t sweep left to get to number 3. I have to go two monitor sweeps to the right to land on my left monitor. Is there any way to reconfigure Windows to change this?

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate. My main monitor is a VGA connection to the video board, the left monitor is running off the Plugable and the right monitor is running off a second connection on my video board (DVI maybe?)

Hi Tim,

Thanks for posting. With our adapters, you can use the built-in Windows UI for configuring (and positioning) displays.

We have a video which may help show this:…

Can you take a look and let us know what questions remain?


Thanks for the reply but my original question stands. I have watched the video and read replies to a couple similar questions, but the built-in Windows UI does not allow me to choose a main monitor and then sweep either right from there or left from there to get to my other monitors. It only extends to the right. No amount of playing with this has changed things.

As noted, my case may be complicated by the fact that two of my monitors are jacked directly to the video board, while only one is jacked to my Plugable adapter.

Hi Tim,

The key point is 26 seconds into the video, where I drag the monitors around on the Windows control panel to re-arrange their position. That’s the key step.

The goal there is to tell Windows about the exact position of the monitors as they physically are on your desk, and hit apply.

On the same control panel, have you done the same dragging around of the monitors, hit apply, and confirmed that monitors have changed position?

Is it that the position isn’t changing at all, or that it’s not yet right?


Now it’s working! The step I was missing was to hit “apply,” and your last post got that point across. Woohoo!

Many thanks!

Wonderful! Glad to have you up and running!