Make a Debian multiseat system

I want to make a multiseat system with 1 PC and at least 6 working places. The 6 persons must worked at the same time on this terminals. I want to install the Debian Jessie on this PC.
Can I use 6 - ud-160-a( for my purpose?
Is driver for this hardware in kernel (3.16)? Or it is a proprietary software and I must to install it manually? How?
What I must to do to configured the 6 working places with 6 monitors, 6 mouses and 6 keyboards? Only plug in 6 ud-160-a and other hardware(monitors, mouses, keyboards) in ud-160-a?
Maybe something else I must to now before I start?

Thanks for posting!

Unfortunately our UD-160-M multiseat docks -> have been discontinued, and the UD-160-A variant you mention is not intended for use in multiseat setups (the UD-160-A is also an end of life product).

While we don’t have any products that will meet your needs, you may want to investigate this project ->

The PiNet project allows for a single Ubuntu Linux server to connect multiple Raspberry Pi systems in a manner similar to a multiseat environment. Keep in mind we haven’t tested this software, couldn’t provide support for it or guarantee suitability to your purpose but we make mention of it to help point you in the right direction.

Sorry we couldn’t be of more help!

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