Magbac USB Docking station - Macbook Pro 2020 and Audient ID4 Soundcard Making Noise

I have just purchased a magbac docking station from amazon, using it on my Macbook Pro 16inch 2020, I have an Audient ID4 Soundcard and when I plug it in using USB3.0 a static sound comes out of the speakers, I used this previously with a USBC adapter and it never made any noise or had any problems but with the docking station it makes a horrible static sound and does not seem to stop. Please help.

Hi Elson,

Thank for posting in Plugable Technologies support forum!

My impression when you say, “I have just purchased a magbac docking station from amazon…” is that you have a purchased a product from this company → Please correct me if I am mistaken.

Presuming for the moment that my impression is indeed correct, Plugable Technologies cannot provide support for other manufacturer’s products.

As a result, we would suggest contacting magBac directly for assistance with their product.

Apologies that we cannot be of more help in this specific case!

Plugable Technologies

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