MacOS Sonoma Display Sleep Issues

So the new OS has some strange behaviour.

Hot Corners…, used to “Put Display to Sleep” takes about 10 seconds to unsleep. So I won’t be using that.

Start Scree Saver when inactive…never.

Turn display off when inactive…30 minutes. This is what I prefer.

Require password when waking…never.

These are the settings I want. I just want my 4 displays to go dark. But when they wake, my windows are repositioned. This is going to be a major pain.

How can I fix this?


Thank you for contacting Plugable support! Sorry to hear about this issue. I’d be more than happy to assist you.

You may wish to try changing the below setting to ensure the Mac is not trying to sleep when the display turns off. This could be causing the delays you experienced with the hot corner and display sleep taking a while to resume. It could also be causing problems with the display configuration, although this is not expected to occur, but I mention it as I have seen occasional issues in the past.

Please try going into the Sonoma settings under Battery → Options → Enable “Prevent automatic sleeping on power adapter when the display is off”"

If this has not helped please let me know.

Thanks again for contacting Plugable support and best wishes!

Joshua Henry
Senior Engineer | Product Owner
Plugable Technologies

Hi there. It’s a Mac Mini M1. No battery.

Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 8.50.16 PM

Thanks for letting me know it’s the Mini and not a laptop model. Also I appreciate those screenshots - I would say those settings look good to me, so it’s surprising that the windows are still getting repositioned.

It’s possible this could also be related to the macOS Mission Control settings. We’ve heard of similar behavior in the past where it can rearrange windows.

Try going to System Settings → Desktop & Dock → Mission Control, check if the “Displays have separate spaces” is on, and make sure that the other options three options above it are off:

If there is still no improvement please let me know.

Thank you,

Another issue I’m finding is that applications whose windows I click on, don’t come to the front. Not sure if that’s a MacOS issue or not.

Screenshot 2023-10-01 at 3.01.30 PM

Thank you for the updates.

To double check, did having all of those settings disabled except for “Displays have separate Spaces” help? Or was there no improvement with that one setting left on?

You mentioned:
“Another issue I’m finding is that applications whose windows I click on, don’t come to the front. Not sure if that’s a MacOS issue or not.”

macOS can have some odd behaviors regarding how open app windows are brought to the front. If you click on the app icon in the Dock, does that at least bring them to the front as expected?

Best wishes,

Sorry, I’m not getting notifications of this.

Separate Spaces is turned off. Not sure why that shows as on, above.

I’m still having odd behaviour with regards to windows. I can try to toggle frontmost by clicking desktop and other app’s windows, but sometimes that does nothing. I can use ⌘-tab, but that doesn’t fix it as well.


Thank you for letting me know, and also my apologies about not getting the updates.

I have been doing some research to try and find out why you’re having app window focus problems. It seems you are not the only one who has after updating to Sonoma. Below are a few links of similar reports:

“Sonoma application window randomly stays in focus so you can’t select windows behind”


“Sonoma Move Focus To Next Window Not Working Intermittently”

If your experiences are similar to these reports it may be that there is a bug/regression with Somoma that’s causing this to occur. Although, so far I have not been able to reproduce these issues myself but will keep looking for options.

Thank you,

Yes it does look like it’s repeated elsewhere. Sonoma issue.

But turned off some Finder Extensions (Settings:Privacy & Security) to see how it behaves.

BTW might look into notifications as I’m not getting any from this forum. I’ve checked the Preferences more than once and still not getting anything.

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