macOS Sierra Support

macOS Sierra works 95%, but the framerate for external monitors is much lower than it was in 10.11 (5-10 frames a second). I know it’s still beta-grade software, but just keeping you advised as I remember 10.11’s efforts!

Should add a bit of information.

The product under scruitiny is the UD-3000, running ethernet, five USB devices, audio, and one display.

As far as I can tell (and I can only tell so far), the only issue is the video. It’s unknown if the device is causing any macOS issues but there is the occasional flickering on the main display when the docking station is connected.

Tried to use plugdebug for info, but it won’t complete.

Hi Shanesan,

Thanks for posting!

The behavior you describe appears to be a known issue to DisplayLink (the maker of the chip in our dock and author of the drivers) and they speak to this here ->…

As the OS itself is still in beta and the current DisplayLink driver for Mac is still in beta DisplayLink are encouraging direct feedback in their forum, so I would recommend adding to that thread to help DisplayLink with the process (they have their own DisplayLink Support Tool for gathering logs to post in their forum ->… ).

Please also keep in mind that while DisplayLink offers a Mac driver that works with our UD-3000 dock, Plugable does not officially support the UD-3000 on the Mac when using 10.9 or higher.

Thanks again for letting us know your results, appreciate you taking the time.

Plugable Technologies