macOS 10.13.4 is incompatible with DisplayLink, Duet Display, and more

We have important news about macOS 10.13.4. This new macOS release only supports displays which are directly provided by a GPU or via AirPlay.

For UD-ULTCx Docking Stations, this means versions of Apple macOS after 10.13.3 will only support the single 4K HDMI port on the dock which uses DisplayPort Over USB-C technology (which is directly GPU connected). The second and third displays on the dock – the DVI and 2K HDMI ports using DisplayLink technology – will no longer function. Windows and Chromebook computers are not affected, and will continue to work as usual.

Note: All brands of USB docking stations which use DisplayLink chips and drivers are affected. This includes Targus, Dell, Toshiba, Kensington, Anker, StarTech; if the dock uses DisplayLink for graphics, it will no longer function as expected after updating to macOS 10.13.4.


To continue to use all dock functions with your Mac, macOS updates must be disabled to remain on 10.13.3. To do so, uncheck the two highlighted boxes in the screenshot below. The boxes to uncheck (disable) are “Download updates in background” and “Install macOS updates” These are found in the “App Store” portion of “System Preferences” within macOS.


It’s important to do this proactively now, as it’s difficult to revert macOS versions later.

We’ll continue to update the following blog post with the most up-to-date information available:…

I just set up a UD-ULTCDL with a 2017 15" MacBook Pro. I’m using the 2K HDMI and the DVI ports for dual external monitors. Are you telling me this will not longer work once I upgrade to 13.4? Not keeping up to date is not an option.

I was unable to get the 4K HDMI port to work at all - display was very fuzzy. I’m using two Dell U2410 monitors.

Currently this is the perfect dock for me but it becomes useless without dual monitor functionality. Are there plans to make this work again or do I keep looking for another solution?


Wow, it would have been awfully nice to find out about this *before* installing the update. How would I have known to look for this problem until I encountered it? My device is now basically an $8 USB hub.

Any update from DisplayLink May preview mentioned at the support link?…

Btw, I’m not able to create a new account with Get Satisfaction for the support forum, and had to create a throw-away Google account to log in.

Well, good news.

I have a Plugable UD-3900 USB 3.0 that I’ve used with my Windows box for about two years. Used to use with a Mac mini, but stopped with the 10.13.4 fiasco. Recently added a MacBook Air, and thought I’d give it another try.

I downloaded the 4.3 beta 5 DIsplayLink drivers from here:…

… and followed the instructions here……

And things worked! Mostly. TL;DR – Shut down your Mac after following the instructions, above, use the DVI port, not the HDMI port, on the Plugable dock to hook stuff up, and be patient as it boots.

Longer story: I was unable to get the HDMI port on my UD-3900 to work, but with an adapter on the dock’s DVI port, I could output to my monitor that only has HDMI input with the dock acting as a DisplayLink output device. Works well as an “extended” monitor (and mirrored too, but that’s less useful for me).

I’ve also had luck connecting directly to another monitor with a DVI input.

The max resolution does appear to be 1920x1080 so far. The display cannot be rotated. The second DisplayLink link I put, above, has warnings about both, so not unexpected.

Pro tip: It took a long time for the display to pop up the first time it worked. Be patient while it’s “thinking”. I’ve had the best luck with shutting down the Mac, hooking everything up, and starting up. Performance can get sluggish occasionally, but for the most part, it’s been well-behaved.

Ultimately, this is a nice enough workaround, and gives good utility from my UD-3900 again.

YMMV & good luck. ;^D

It would be nice if someone from Plugable would update this thread - even if it is only to say they are still looking into things. What about the macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 update? Does that change anything?

Hi Terrence,

Unfortunately the issues still exist with 10.13.6 and 10.14. DisplayLink has stated they are still committed to finding a long term fix for a, but they have not shared any additional details on the expected time frame:

“Our team continues to progress towards a solution which would both restore full extended display support for multiple DisplayLink displays in a future release of macOS and defend that functionality in the future. As daily users of the technology ourselves, we truly understand how disruptive this loss of functionality affecting the full ecosystem can be. Despite getting closer to tell more about roll out, we stay unable to provide a time-frame or a date for release of this solution.”