Machine doesn't go back to lock screen after remote desktoping to it.

Sometimes, when I come back to my machine after using remote desktop to it, all the screens are black, and not showing the ctrl-alt-del screen to login in. The machine is still fine, as I can continue to remote to it. The only workaround I can find is to remote in and kill the pluggable driver exe that is running. Then the black screen disappears and the lock screen shows up and I can log in. Machine is running x64 windows 8 server.

I have 4 monitors, 3 on Plugable UGA-2K-A USB 2.0 adapters and 1 DVI connection.

Thanks for posting! Sorry for the frustration – this is an interesting problem that we haven’t seen before.

Graphics drivers are heavily involved with session switching (of the sort you do when doing remote desktop, etc.).

It might be that we haven’t seen it because of the limited set of people using Windows 8 server yet. But it also might be a GPU or DisplayLink driver version issue, which would be good, as we might be able to adjust things to fix.

To explore that route, would you be able to send DisplayLink’s Support Tool output to Here’s how:…

We’ll look at all the software versions, etc. to see if there’s anything that can be tried. If that route doesn’t solve it, we’ll get DisplayLink involved.

Thanks for figuring out the workaround of stopping/starting displaylink’s software to get that going. By the way, a controlled way to do that is to open a command prompt as “run as administrator” and do:
net stop displaylinkmanager
and then restart with net start displaylinkmanager

Thanks for that extra info and for your patience!

Any update on this matter? it also happens to me on my windows 01 computer

the work around did not work btw

run as administrator" and do:
net stop displaylinkmanager

Hi Milton - This discussion was from 2013, and a lot has changed with Windows since then.  Please email and we’ll be happy to help with the specific problem happening on your PC. Thanks!