Macbook slow on UD-3900h

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I installed the latest drivers but my Macbook Air is still REALLY slow on the UD-3900h (like scrolling on a web page is delayed). Is the UD-3900h compatible with the Macbook Air? Is there a setting that can be changed?


Thanks for reaching out to us, I am sorry this docking station is not working well with your system.

We do not recommend our USB 3.0 docking stations like the UD-3900H with MacOS ( we call this out both on our product page as well as on our Amazon Listing ) due to poor performance compared to Windows systems and unresolved compatibility issues with macOS High Sierra and early Mojave.

The latest DisplayLink software has shown performance improvements on some systems and I would like to get some additional details from your system to see if this would be applicable.

If you would, please keep the dock and monitor(s) connected and attach the output of our diagnostic utility PlugDebug ( ) to an email to ‘’ with the subject line ‘Ticket #280541 - Attention Pat’ as this will allow us to examine some log files from your system to help determine if it is compatible with the latest DisplayLink software and drivers, or if another docking station would be a better fit.

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