Macbook pro m1- 2 external monitors (Hdmi) which Dock i should to get-- also i have a Macbook pro 16

I have owned a macbook pro M1 for a week now and like many users I discovered that it only allows one external monitor.
Looking at Plugable I see that there are several options, with 60W charger.
Now my problem is that I also have a 16" macbook pro, which requires more power.
Which model do you recommend to use with two external HDMI Samsung monitors?

I saw this model on amazon :
[is the right Model?](ón-Thunderbolt-compatible-portátil-DisplayPort/dp/B08HR3T837/ref=sr_1_3_sspa

is the one I should purchase?

Thank you very much!


Thanks for your interest in our products!

Our TBT3-UDZ that you’ve linked to should be compatible for both of your systems (with the exception of only one display on the M1, this will be a limitation for most Thunderbolt 3 docks).

We do offer docks that can support more displays with M1, however as you’ve said they are only 60W at this time.

Your 16" Mac can still charge at this lower rate, but if under heavy use it may use the battery to supplement the lower power charger and you could see the battery drain (even while “charging”) until the load is reduced. A workaround for this would be to connect your stock Apple charger to the laptop. It will cease charging from the dock and will charge from its own charger instead.

One example of a dock for M1 for multiple displays is our UD-3900PDZ triple display docking station:

This docking station utilizes DisplayLink USB graphics hardware and accompanying drivers:

Thank you and best wishes,
Joshua Henry
Plugable Technologies

thanks for your answer, beside this one, which other do you recommend, because the 3900 is out of stock right now. Again, thanks for your support

At the moment we do not have another good recommendation until we’re back in stock of the UD-3900PDZ model. However, looking at stock this morning we are currently in stock there.

Due to the current worldwide chip shortage, our other recommended model for M1 (our UD-ULTC4K) is also out of stock and may be for some time.

Best wishes,

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