Macbook Pro HDMI Not Working on UD-CA1


I have a late 2016 Macbook Pro (no Touchbar), i7. I was able to get all ports working (Ethernet with new driver), but the HDMI is not recognized. It is connected to a Samsung 590DS Monitor (4k @ 30Hz). The same monitor is supported when using a CableMatters adapter (…). I have tried all standard tricks. Any thoughts?


I’m having the same problem with my 2016 Pro with a touchbar. I was going to try the new ethernet driver but I haven’t yet since I can’t get video to work which is more important. I am connected to an ASUS WQHD display, mine also works using the apple hdmi dongle.


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for posting.

Can you please confirm if you’re using the USB-C cable which came with the docking station? (Unfortunately different USB-C cables support different features, and the charging cable provided by Apple doesn’t support video functionality).

If you’re using the cable that came with the dock, we’ll want to look at system logs to see what the best approach will be. Please email and we’ll be happy to help dig deeper.

(Jim, I see you’ve got a separate thread open so we’ll reply there momentarily.)



Thanks Gary. In fact, I am not using the OEM cable - it was missing from the package, so was using the Apple cable. I will return/replace the hub and keep my fingers crossed.

Thanks for the reply!


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for confirming the use of the Apple cable! Though sorry to hear the dock was missing the USB-C cable that should’ve been in the package – that’s unexpected. We’d be glad to send one to you.

Please just email and we’ll get that arranged.



Thanks Gary. Just this morning I borrowed a cable from a friend and everything works as expected. I will email as you suggested!

Thanks much!