MacBook Pro 2018 with MacOS Mojave 10.14 not recognizing HDMI display

Hello, I have installed and uninstalled the ‘DisplayLink USB Graphics Software for MacOS 5.0.dmg’ several times since installing Mojave on my new laptop, however, it does not appear the new drivers are installing properly. The UD-CA1A continues to work as a USB Hub (my mouse works) and is charging my laptop when plugged in, however, the built in USB HDMI interface has not worked. I plugged a blueray player into my HDMI cable just to make sure the monitor and HDMI cable are working properly. I think the problem is with the drivers. On the first install, I had to ‘authorize’ the drivers to be installed (according to the instructions), however, on subsequent installs, it did not ask this (I think it was already authorized per the first install).

The system information screen looks different than what I’m expecting. It appears that the device is being recognized as a generic Apple device and not a plugable/DisplayLink device. Also, I will point out that I have never gotten this device to work with my laptop as I bought both in late June, and the MacOS version I had was not comparable. Now that Mojave is out, I am trying to get this working for the first time.

Does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong? Regardless if the DisplayLink driver is installed, the hub shows up as a ‘USB 3.1 Bus’ device. I think this is the issue, however, I’m not sure how to resolve it. Thanks!

As information, I have tried rebooting both the computer and the Plugable device, however, that has not resolved the issue.

I was able to resolve the issue. I was using the USB-C cable that came with my macBook to connect the Hub to my mac- however, when using the cable that came with the Plugable device, that resolved the issue. Thanks!

Hello, thanks for posting and glad to hear that you were able to resolve this issue by swapping the USB-C cable! It is unfortunate that the Apple USB-C cable does not support video transmission.

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies

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