Macbook Pro (2018) with 3 external monitors

Hi, I would like a bit of clarification on the configuration necessary to use 3 external monitors with my 2018 MBP. My computer has the Radeon Pro 560X graphics, so it should be possible.

I currently have a USB-C monitor (Dell U3818DW) connected with a USB-C / TB3 cable. I would like to add two more monitors using a PLUGABLE THUNDERBOLTâ„¢ 3 DUAL DISPLAYPORT ADAPTER FOR MAC.

The new monitors would be native DisplayPort monitors, so no active / passive adapter issues should exist there, from my understanding of reading the responses.

The question I have is - will this configuration work?
MBP - TB3 Port -> USB-C Cable -> Dell U3818DW
TB3 Port -> TBT3-DP2X-83 -> DP Cable -> DP Native Monitor
-> DP Cable -> DP Native Monitor

Thank you.


Thanks for your interest in our products!

Looking at your proposed configuration I would expect that to work without issue. We know that our TBT3-DP2X-83 will output to two monitors from a MacBook Pro, and the MacBook Pro can support numerous simultaneous video outputs over its USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports.

If you have any additional questions just let us know!

Best wishes,
Joshua Henry
Plugable Technologies

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