Macbook pro 2017 13"

MIsc units with misc end users have issue with intermittent charging. Does the UD-CAM by definition work with 2017 or newer Macbooks, Macbook Pros, or Macbook Air for charging?

Since we have had issues on more then one unit and more than one CPU.


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The answer is yes – the Plugable UD-CAM is compatible with most modern Mac systems with Thunderbolt 3 ports.

To clarify, is the original USB-C cable being used with these docks? I ask because not all USB-C cables are created equally, and some third-party cables do not support charging through our docks.



So 1 end user today came back to me with… Not Charging, she unplugged and replugged the usbc. Didn’t fix it.
She then used the power switch on the Cube and power cycled.Then it worked.

Any Ideas?

Are you able to confirm if the original USB-C cable is being used with the dock?

Assuming this is the case, it’s hard to know the cause of this intermittent issue at this current point. Could you see the additional questions?

  1. What if a different port on the MacBook is tried?
  2. Do you know more about what is triggering the issue? For example, does the issue occur when the MacBook wakes from sleep?



Original Cable, Yes to different port was tried.

from sleep or not. Intermittent. this last round was she took it home for the weekend.
Plugged it back in and went back to work.
Later noticed down to 2% power.
Went through the above stated actions.

You mentioned initially that the issue involved “MIsc units with misc end users”. Could you elaborate on approximately how many users and docks you have seen this issue?

My first suspicion is some kind of hardware issue with either the dock or the USB-C cable, but if you’re seeing this same problem with multiple units, it would be very unlikely that you received multiple faulty units.



We already replaced a couple of them. Didn’t have time to deal with it.

She is the current example and the only one I am chasing at this time.

Could you reach out to us directly at with the following pieces of information?

  1. The Amazon Order ID associated with the dock
  2. The serial number located on the bottom of the dock



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The customer reached out to us directly and we isolated the problem to a potential hardware issue.

We sent a warranty replacement unit and the issues have been resolved. For anyone experiencing similar issues, please feel free to reach out to us directly at and we would be glad to assist.

Thank you!