MacBook M1 Dual ZMonitors

Is this product able to connect multiple monitors with a new Macbook Pro M1 with Big Sur?


Thanks for reaching out to Plugable support! I’d be happy to help with that information.

I would recommend the UD-ULTC4K or UD-3900PDZ docking station.

Here is a video the we recently made that talks more about connecting tree displays to a Mac M1.

There are a few important details to keep in mind:

  • Our UD-ULTC4K and UD-3900PDZ dock relies on a USB graphics technology known as DisplayLink. DisplayLink graphics is great for general office or productivity use, but we do not recommend DisplayLink for any graphics intensive tasks such as gaming

If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know.

Hi, do you have some cheaper options, which would allow connecting two external monitors to M1 MacBook? As I need to connect just these monitors, I dont need all that other ports. Thanks, Jan

Hi Rick,

Thanks for the update.

For Windows users we can recommend the UGA-3000 display adaptors, but we do not officially support those devices for Mac OS due to significant performance limitations and stability issues on Mac systems prevent us from supporting this configuration.

We do tend to recommend docks like our UD-ULTC4K and UD-3900PDZ docks for the Mac M1 computers because we find it to be the best device to get multiple displays working and the price tends to be the same as getting separate display adaptors.

I hole this information is helpful and I encourage you to have a look that the links for each of these devices.

Thank you

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