Macbook loses internet when connected to Pugable USB hub

I have a Plugable 12-in-1 USB C Docking Station. My MacBook uses it as the hub for monitors and wired internet. In the last week, when connected, I lose Internet connection when wired or on WIFI. Once I disconnect the ethernet cable from the Plugable hub, I am able to connect to the internet again.

Is there anyway to fix this? It’s taken me a ton of debugging to figure out exactly what was knocking me off the internet.

Hi Jason,

Thank you for contacting Plugable! I’m sorry the docking station isn’t working as expected, and I’ll be happy to help.

Based on your description of the behaviour, our next step is to get some additional information.

Can you please send an email to our direct support email address ( with “For ticket # 427683” in the subject line? In the email, please include the following information:

  1. Your Amazon/eBay/Walmart/Newegg order number for your docking station purchase. If it’s from Amazon you can find this at
  2. While the docking station and displays are connected to your computer (even if not working as expected), the output of our diagnostic utility PlugDebug:

This information will help us to determine the next steps.

** Please do not post the above information here in our public forum (it contains personally identifiable information) **

Apologies for the frustration, and thank you for giving us the chance to help!

Plugable Technologies

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