Macbook Air, OS X 10.6, latest ASIX driver - No IP address, static IP does not work.

I do not receive a DHCP assigned address, nor does a static address work.

Is there anything else that I can try?

Thank you.

Hi Barth,

Thanks for posting, and sorry that the gigabit ethernet adapter is not coming right up your Mac. Let’s figure out what’s going wrong.

First thing to check: ASIX’s drivers for Mac are 32-bit only. Can you check if you’re running a 32-bit or 64-bit kernel?

Here’s one way (and if you can post this uname -a output here, we’ll also know exact kernel version :…

Thanks for letting us know that to start, then we can figure out next steps.

Thanks for your patience!


Yes, that was it. I’m running the 64 bit kernel. Aren’t most/all new macs running 64 bit? Will there be a driver forthcoming? I bought this device and then brought it back to the island I live on outside of the US and therefore now have no way to use it or return it. I’d rather be able to do the former than the later! :slight_smile:

Thank you,


Hi Travis,

Unfortunately ASIX has not yet released a schedule for 64-bit kernel support on Mac. They are the leading provider of USB gigabit chips, and we use their AX88178 chipset in this adapter.

For the time being, the workaround is to switch your system to run with a 32-bit kernel, which fortunately is fairly easy and painless:

While switching to a 32-bit kernel has few downsides, we understand if it’s not acceptable. And we don’t want our users waiting for a future driver release, if their product isn’t currently working for them.

We offer no-hassle returns within 30 days through Amazon, just visit… and if you’re after 30 days, please just email us at and we’ll take care of you.

Sorry I don’t have a happier answer for now on 64-bit Mac OS X kernel support from ASIX – we hope for some news on this in coming weeks.

Thank you!

Hi Travis,

ASIX has now released drivers with 64-bit kernel support.

Please look at the answer here for more information

Let us know if you need any help!