Macbook Air M2 with dual Apple display monitors

Purchased a UD-6950 for use with a Macbook Air M2 and 2 Apple Display monitors – trying to run a dual monitor setup. The Macbook Air is running Sonoma 14.2.1

Have installed the Display Link Driver but nothing is happening. Have everything installed properly (I believe).


Thank you for contacting Plugable! I’m sorry the docking station isn’t working as expected, and I’ll be happy to assist.

From your message it’s not immediately clear what is causing things to not work correctly, but I have a few questions to help get us started:

  1. Can you please confirm that UD-6950 is the docking station you have? There are some Plugable docks with similar part numbers such as the UD-6950Z and UD-6950H so I’d like to double-check to be sure I’m looking at the correct one.

  2. Which specific Apple displays are you trying to use with the docking station? Apple has displays with a range of capabilities, and each has different requirements (e.g. some displays require a Thunderbolt connection and some do not). With the specific model number of the Apple display you’re using I’ll check for compatibility with your dock.

  3. Can you please confirm if the DisplayLink Manager is currently running on your Mac? This software needs to be running for the dock to be able to output video, so if it’s not running then that could explain the problem.
    You can see if the DisplayLink Manager is running if its icon (looks like two interlocked rectangles) is present within the macOS menu bar at the top of your screen.

Once you reply with this information I’ll review the details and reply back with the next steps.

My apologies for the frustration, and thank you for giving us the chance to help.

Plugable Technologies

DisplayLink Manager is CRUCIAL! I realized I didn’t have it open and it was not working! A little frustrating. Then I came here and realized the application was not open and not at the top of my mac taskbar. Thanks!

DisplayLink in Mac Launchpad view

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