Macbook Air 13" early 2015, usb-c, thunderbolt, sierra...... How Can I Run 2 External Monitors?

Frankly, I’d just like someone to tell me the answer to what I put in the subject line. I’ve already had to return a Henge Dock that was supposed to work but did not – and they did not say why. Just so over this. If you need more info on my mac to determine what I should buy, please ask.


Hello and thanks for posting!

The specifications for your MacBook Air (13-inch, Early 2015 system) available here → indicate is it only capable of driving one external display.

I am afraid we do not offer any products that are supported on macOS that will provide the ability to circumvent this limitation.

Sorry we do not have a solution to offer in this particular case…

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Thank you! That will save me some time and trouble.

While not ideal, granted, would the current version of this product (
) likely work any better with the macbook air (as described in my orig. post) than it did when the question was asked and answered in 2016, as pasted below? I’m only referring to your “MANUFACTURER ANSWER”.

Does a this work on a mac

By Andrew G. on September 29, 2016

MANUFACTURER ANSWER: Thanks for asking! While DisplayLink does make drivers for Mac systems, we do not recommend our adapters for use with Macs and we do disclaim support on our Amazon product listing. We have witnessed undesirable performance when connected to Mac systems which is why we do not recommend our adapter for Mac use. I am sorry that we couldn’t be of more help!
Thank you,
David W.
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By David W. on December 7, 2016

The information from our previous Amazon Question reply from 2016 is still accurate. While DisplayLink (the separate company that makes the chips in our USB video products and does the driver development) has released a driver for the Mac platform, we do not recommend or support its use with our DisplayLink-based products.

Again, sorry we do not have a solution to offer in this case…


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