Mac / PC switch setup

I’m interested in purchasing a system that will allow me to switch between my mac and pc. I have the following:

  • Macbook Pro Laptop 15"
  • PC Desktop - Dell Precision 7500 with NVIDIA Quadro 4000
  • Wireless keyboard
  • Wireless mouse
  • HP ZR30w monitor - w/HDMI adapter
  • Wacom Citiq monitor - w/DMI adapter

I’ve watched a few of the videos at your site but its not entirely clear as to what products I need to purchase. I’m thinking that I need:


But I don’t see how that will support my two monitors.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hello Jimmy,

Thank you for your message.

Unfortunately I don’t think we have a workable solution for what you would like to accomplish.

• Even for our docking stations that support 2K @ 60hz, we specify this as being 2560x1440 and your HP monitor is 2560x1600.

• The USB-C/USB Type-C docking stations will only work with systems that have USB-C, and we don’t currently have a USB-C sharing switch. There isn’t currently a MacBook Pro with USB-C.

• Another thing to keep in mind is that displays that are running through DisplayLink will not use the native graphics capability of your system. This would likely be a problem for any 3D graphics software that you might use on the Cintiq or HP monitor, particularly given the workstation GPU you have.

You may want to look into DisplayPort-capable KVM switches as an alternative solution to keep native graphics capability of your computers and support the full capabilities of your monitor.

I know this likely is not the answer you were hoping for, but I hope it helps.

All the best,

Plugable Support