Mac isn't stable since adding the USB 2.0 UGA device and software.

I have a Macbook (6 months old) with all current software. It has 16 G of memory. The 2.0 unit works well, but has made my computer less reliable at startup. If I put the computer to sleep at night, sometimes I come in in the morning and my blower fan is running and the computer won’t come back to life. I have to shut it off manually and restart it. I am running a 27" monitor on the thunderbolt and a 23" monitor on the 2.0 device. I have no problems with the Mac when I’m not using the 2.0 device. I’ve had Macs for years and never had a glitch til I installed this software. What can I do to remedy this? Mitch

Hi Mitch,

Sorry to hear about the problems that you’ve described. I’m here to help but need a little more information?

  1. What’s the model of the MacBook and the monitor connected through the Plugable adapter?

  2. What version of the Mac OS are you running?

  3. Do you know which version of the DisplayLink drivers you are running?

DisplayLink has been releasing updated Mac drivers to deal with some of the issues introduced by the newer versions of the Mac OS. The current drivers are available here:….

1.7 is the current product release, but its display rotation feature was broken by Apple’s OS update to 10.7.3.

1.8 is the current test release that fixes the problems introduced by OS 10.7.3 and also aims to be ready for Apple’s pending 10.8 OS update.

You might try to install one of those drivers if they are newer than what you have.

Once I hear back from you on the specific support questions, I’ll see if I can uncover any other support troubleshooting steps that pertain to your system.

Best Regards,

Plugable Technologies

Managed through private correspondence–it sounds like the updated Mac driver solved the issue.