Mac 2012 version with latest updates still sees hub as 2.0

I’ve got the Pluggable 7-port USB 3.0. It works on Windows 7 just fine, but on my late 2012 Macbook Pro, it refuses to show up as anything but a USB 2.0 hub. I’ve got all of the latest updates installed.

Any ideas?

Hi John,

Thanks for posting your question here, I’ll be happy to help. Sorry to hear about the problem with the USB 3.0 hub on you Macbook Pro. To get started troubleshooting, I’ll need a little more detail . Please send the following information in an email to us

  1. Amazon Order Id
  2. the serial number of the hub
  3. the chipset and firmware version of your hub (you can find instrucions on how to get this at the link below)
  4. a link to this thread…

Once we get this information we’ll be able to determine the best steps to get your hub working on your Mac.