Loving this device! Are there any plans for a PCI-E version?

Hey all! I recently picked up this device and I really like it. It works flawlessly on macOS/Linux/Windows, as advertised. I of course don’t recommend this, but watching your captured footage live via OBS/XSplit etc will result in a delay of at least the audio, being that it is a USB (3) device. Are there any plans for a PCI-E version of this USBC-CAP60? USB 3 works great on all the computers I’ve tried it on, but having a PCI-E version of the same chipset would be awesome.

Unannounced products aren’t something we generally comment on if we haven’t announced them.

That being said, I would not anticipate having a PCIe card variant of this capture card. Even if it was made, it would likely connect to a USB 3.0 controller on the card (as many capture cards do, even if they’re PCIe slotted).

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Fair answer. I was just curious! Thanks!

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