Lost USB3 After Windows 10 Upgrade

Product: USB3-HUB7-81X

I really don’t think my problem is with the Plugable hub, but I could sure use some help with this.

My USB3 ports were working fine on my Asus Sabretooth 990FX board until the moment I ran the Windows 10 upgrade (from Win7Pro).
NOTHING else was changed or added whether hardware or drivers etc. Nothing.

After the Win10 upgrade, I would plug in my USB3 thumb drive and it wouldn’t be recognized. So I ran the troubleshooter, and … nothing. I then plugged my USB3 thumb drive directly into the USB3 port on the motherboard and got the same results (i.e., nothing).
I then deleted the USB drivers and ran the Windows reinstall “best driver”, and all it did was to reinstall the same driver. Still no USB3.

When I swapped the Plugable hub from my motherboards USB3 port over to a standard USB port, then everything worked EXCEPT that it only worked at USB2 speeds. Not good when I routinely backup some large directories to my thumb drive.

I know that Win10 is sort of new, but am I the only one with this same issue?

The most obvious thing that comes to mind is that it’s a driver issue, but I’ve searched and searched and have found no help from Microsoft nor Asus.

Sorry to hear about this issue. We’ve had other cases of the upgrade to 10 breaking the USB 3.0 driver stack but it’s varied from case to case as to why and how to best fix it.

Your motherboard is using an ASMedia USB 3.0 controller. I’d suggest installing the latest ASMedia USB 3.0 xHCI controller drivers and see if that helps:


Josh, thank you VERY much.

I suspected all along that the problem was a loss of compatibility between the new Windows 10 operating system and my original drivers, but I had no idea where to find any newer versions of the ASMedia USB3 drivers.

The driver update you linked in your note did the trick and I’m back to having full USB3 capability and speeds.

Thanks again!.

Hey Terry,

I’m glad that Josh’s instructions did the trick!

Please let us know if you run in to any other issues in the future.