Lost configuration through reboot.

I have 5 monitors (2 USB 3.0 Pluggable’s, 2 DVI on dock and Laptop screen), and they won’t save configuration through a reboot. Have to reconfigure the screen after each Reboot (or un-dock/re-dock).
I have two USB3-HDMI-DVI SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Multi-display adapters hooked into a Plugable 3.0 USB hub, and two DVI monitors hooked up to a laptop dock.


follow up: If I unhook the Plugable adapters and only use the DVI’s with the docking cradle, the solution works fine post reboot. The problem only happens when I have at least one pluggable adapter hooked up and I reboot.!

It’s working, configuration is saved!..

Installed the DisplayLink software V7.4 M2 software from here: http://www.displaylink.com/support/sl…

Well it seems it stopped working again, no longer saving through reboots…