Looking for an Ethernet adapter that works with Olivetti Olipad Graphos (Android 4.0)


I am looking for a solution of RJ45 -> USB interface that would work at an Olipad Graphos tablet. It does not have Ethernet function available in the Config. This is part of a project we are working at and there is a great potential of sales. DO you have any ideas to make it work?


Hi Lucas,

Thank you for posting the question here.

We are sorry but I’m not positive that we have a solution for you.

For Android devices, the compatibility is completely Android device dependent. The reason is Android doesn’t allow users to install any device driver. Hence the necessary device driver has to be built in when it’s shipped from the Android device manufacturer.
This is why this adapter works with some Android phones/tablets, but not with others. It’s all up to the manufacturers’ decision.

A bad thing is there isn’t any good way to figure out the compatibility, unless actually testing the adapter with the particular Android device. Plugable has been maintaining the information from our customers in the product page,but so far we haven’t heard anything about the Olipad Graphos tablet.

And as far as we know, there aren’t many tablets of Android 4.x has the device driver built-in. If you upgraded the version into 5.x or higher, the behavior could be different.

Again, if the Android device manufacturer hasn’t installed the driver or won’t deliver it via newer versions/builds, there isn’t any way to make the USB2-OTGE100 adapter work. I think the best way to figure out is contacting to the Android tablet manufacturer to see if the tablet supports ASIX AX88772 chip set.

Hope this helps! Thanks again for posting the question.

Plugable Support