Longer flexible arm

Is there a longer flexible arm for the micro-250X? Some Items I try to take a picture of I have to raise the camera up on some thing just to fit it into the frame.

Thanks for asking!

We don’t sell a longer arm for the microscope. Keep in mind that this device was designed for microscopic viewing (viewing tiny details not visible to the naked eye), and what you’re trying to do is use it as a macroscopic device (take a picture of a clearly visible object).

The microscope stand was designed with modularity in mind, all threads are 1/4"-20, which is the same as all camera mounts. This means that the microscope can be attached to nearly any tripod or camera mount out there, or modified to fit a custom mount. You can also try something like placing the suction cup on a piece of glass, such as a window, and placing your coin below that.

I encourage you to experiment and find out what works best for you!

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