Logitech C920S Pro not working with my dock?

I recently set up the UD-6950H to replace my Lenovo docking station which I have to return to my workplace. Once I installed the drivers everything worked perfectly except for the Logitech webcam. Is there another drive that needs to be installed?

Thanks for any and all help!

Hello Scott,

Thank you for contacting Plugable support!

To help answer your question once you installed the latest DisplayLink driver (seen here: https://plugable.com/pages/displaylink) you should not have to install any additional drivers for your USB devices.

A couple of suggestions,

  • If you were to connect your webcam to a different USB port on your UD-6950H do you get the same results?

  • If so, if you were to disconnect your webcam from your UD-6950H and directly to your laptop is the behavior the same?

  • If so I would be interested in trying a different web camera. Would you happen to have one available to test?

Best regards,

Michael S.

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