logical / virtual display capability

is it possible to configure multiple physical monitors into a higher resolution logical monitor ( or virtual monitor )?

using 3 UGA-3000s
3 physical monitors
into a a 5760x1080 logical monitor


using 4 UGA-3000s
4 physical monitors
into a a 7680x1080 logical monitor
into a a 3840x2160 logical monitor


Hi - Thanks for asking!  This is what Windows does in a sense with multiple graphics adapters: it creates a desktop which is expanded to treat all the monitors together as one logical desktop (contiguous coordinate space).  And Windows provides a UI to identify and position each physical monitor within that, so you can position each physical monitor however you like and the desktop however you like (e.g. 4 side-by-side to get 7680x1080 or 2x2 to get 3840x2160).

So the strict answer to what you asked is “no” – when Windows says “monitors” it means physical things.  But if you replace “monitor” with “desktop” in your text, the answer is “yes”! 

You can get a better idea from some of our videos like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heB94f6FHd8

Hope that background helps.  Thanks!

Hello Bernie,

Thanks much for the prompt reply.

I am pretty my question could use some clarification
as when the desktop is extended onto the second
monitor it is different than when the video system
treats the 3 monitors as a single logical monitor.

in the included image
there are 7 monitors attached to the PC
however, by whatever “technical magic”
they are configured as 3 Displays as
far as the OS is concerned


Notice display 1 is 4320 x 900
( 3 1440’s across and one 900 high )
This is what I am asking whether or not
the Pluggable UGA3000 series is capable
of doing or not.

The easiest test of what I am writing about here
is when you click on a given window’s maximize
button, the window should entirely fill up the
three monitors.

And actually, if I understand Pluggable’s architecture correctly,
( as illustrated here)


it is actually not a question of the UGA3000 itself, but rather
the Pluggable software on the PC that is managing the transfer
of video data update streams from the video buffer(s).out to the
Pluggable USB to HDMI / DVI / VGA boxes.

I really hope this functionality is available in the product
as I would very much like to become a satisfied customer
of Pluggable’s Products.

If this functionality is not implemented, please do whatever
it takes to get it in the next update / release of the Pluggable’s
USB video driver.

Now that I am looking at the config window screen cap
I see it may be more correct to ask if Pluggable technology
affords the configuration of multiple monitors into a
display with the combined resolution of the individual
monitors ( and according to the orientation of the monitors )

Thanks again,


aka Mr PanoramaVison

those 7 monitors are actually configured as 4 displays
from top down
[2 x 1]
[3 x 1]
[1x1] [1x1]

You’re right – although you can arrange monitors that way, they’ll still be seen by Windows as different monitors so when you hit the “maximize” button it will only maximize to one of the monitors (e.g. 1 monitor in the 3x1 array).

Two ways to solve would be:

  1. resize the monitor by dragging, rather than maximize button. Windows will let the window span the 3 monitors
  2. A $30 utility called Actual Multiple Monitors enhances what’s built into Windows, including providing several options like “desktop divider” that will get you closer to what you want:

It’s best that any “merging” of monitors be done at the OS and utility level, since it gives the most flexibility – I don’t expect DisplayLink will enable it at the driver level. But one of the options above should get you close to what you’re looking for.

Thanks again!