Logging out while connected to the dock crashes my MacBook Pro

My 15" MacBook Pro running Sierra (10.12.6) crashes if I log out of my account while it is still plugged in to my UD-CA1A dock. If I unplug the dock first, and then log out, everything works fine. But if I log out while the dock is still plugged in, both my external monitor and laptop screen go black, and remain that way, even after I unplug the dock. Even if I close the laptop & wake it from sleep several hours later, it informs me that it has crashed.

Hello David, thank you for posting and I am sorry to hear this! Very strange behavior and we haven’t had similar feedback using our UD-CA1A docks. In looking at our ticket history, we sent you a replacement UD-CA1A dock a month ago in late February.

Has this behavior always occurred when using the replacement dock or is this a more recent development?

When you log our and the system crashes do you receive a kernel panic error? Or does the system just seem to shut down?

Does the connected monitor mirror your laptop screen? Or is it extended and unique in order to display different applications on each screen?

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies