Linux Support?

Was wondering if there is Linux support for this dual HDMI adapter.

cat /etc/os-release
uname -srm
Linux 5.15.71-1-lts x86_64

I see that the Silicon Motion Instant View driver is need on Mac and Windows:

I see there is a silicon motion driver in Xorg:

When I plug a Dell monitor in on one of the ports I get a warning about the timing being incorrect for the monitor and then the screen goes blank.
On the other port nothing.
On the Samsung monitor, the power LED flashes repeatedly.

In the current state, this product is pretty useless so unless for my main OS.
Unless there are any recommendations within the next 3 days I’ll return it.

Hello and thanks for contacting Plugable!

I will be happy to share some details with you regarding the UGA-HDMI-2S (Silicon Motion based graphics adapter).

I wish to preface this by saying at this time we do not officially support Linux with any of our products.

While I do believe there have been some versions of the Silicon Motion driver for Linus that have floated around, I do not believe they are for the graphics adapters we sell. Unfortunately I believe this will not work.

Silicon Motion driver page →

You may wish to take a look at DisplayLink based adapters, as there may be better Linux support available from DisplayLink.

Our USBC-6950U →
DisplayLink’s driver page →

(As a reminder Plugable does not officially support Linux).

My apologies for not having a better answer for you at this time. Please let us know if we can be of additional assistance.

Plugable Technologies

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