Linux setup questions


Thank you very much for you quick response on the previous questions. I have some more.

I’m in the process to purchase a docking station from you. Meanwhile I used an older model (Toshiba Dynadock) and followed you instruction on the Linux multi-seat setup. I encountered the following problems. I tried it on a Ubuntu 9.04 desktop computer.

  1. somehow the gdm left off init process since this morning, before I even put the configuration changes and udev rules. I don’t think it was related to docking or device drivers, but I wonder if you know how to put gdm to its original state, so I don’t have to login from command line.

  2. Is the Toshiba dynadock different from the product (universal USB docking station)?

  3. As soon as docking to dynadock, it switched to the monitor connected to the docking station. As I retarted gdm, it went back to the monitor that connected to the computer. I checked the log files, and found some gdmdynamic failed debug messages, but no description on the cause of failure. I tried to run directly, it did nothing with no error message. I noticed in /dev/usbseat directory, there are /2 and /4 subdirectories, where as /2 contains ‘display’ and ‘sound’ driver links; /4 contains ‘keyboard’ and ‘mouse’ driver links. Are these expected links of


Hi Yiming - We don’t have a Toshiba Dynadock here, so I’m not certain about similarities and differences with our product. There are likely to be many, even though they both use DisplayLink chips for the USB to VGA/DVI function.

So I’m not sure about all of the problems, but there’s certainly one: in /dev/usbseat, there must be all three: display, keyboard, and mouse for a terminal to launch. It looks like the USB topology of the Toshiba Dynadock may be different than our Plugable device, causing the udev scripts to need modification. One thing to try: try moving your mouse and keyboard to different usb ports, seeing if you can get all the necessary devices under one /dev/usbseat.

If you can’t get it working, I’d recommend joining the Linux mailing list at… which covers all DisplayLink devices, not just Plugable’s and start a discussion there.

Best wishes,