LG HDMI Monitor not working

I can’t get my UD-3900 to connect with my LG monitor. I’m using Win 10, Surface Pro 3, and the monitor is an LG-27UD68. I’m also using Logitech mouse and keyboard.

The mouse and keyboard are working fine - so the UD-3900 is talking to my computer and the Logitech USB Unifying receiver is working properly. My UD-3900 is connected via HDMI to the LG. When I tell Windows to go to duplicate monitors the LG says “No input signal”. I checked to make sure the cable is in HDMI 1 on the monitor and the monitor settings are to HDMI 1 also. The monitor works when I plug in the Displayport cable directly from the Surface Pro 3 to the LG monitor (its Displayport connection).

Please help.

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