LG Gram with UD-ULTCDL

I’m trying to use the UD-ULTCDL with a new LG Gram 15. USB-C PD is working, however I can only get monitors on the displaylink HDMI and DVI ports working.

I assume this means that the laptop doesn’t work with alt mode for USB-C? I also have a Billboard Device in Device Manager that says it cannot start, but I don’t know if that is related.

Windows 10 build 1703.


We’ve been working with Jeff via our email ticketing system. For those who may encounter this thread while researching issues:

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for posting. Generally a Billboard Device error in Device Manager indicates a failed Alt Mode negotiation. (When it’s successful, the Billboard doesn’t enumerate or generate an error.)

This can sometimes be solved with a BIOS or firmware update on the host system, so that’s certainly worth a try.

To help find any relevant updates, could you please run our log-gathering tool at the page below and email the .ZIP file it creates to support@plugable.com: