Lenovo X220 Config

I’ve just bought a Lenovo X220 core i7. I want to ensure i buy the right pluggable products to support 2 external monitors at the same time as the laptop monitor. What is the recommendation here?

Hi Tim,

Thanks for asking ahead! To start, any will work and your Core i7 is powerful enough to handle any resolution without the CPU being the main performance bottleneck (USB 2.0 would be a bottleneck first).

So it’s really just a matter of matching the adapter’s max resolution to the native resolution of the monitors you’re planning to buy. We put the max resolution of each adapter front and center in the title – you can see the full list (adapters and docking stations) at http://plugable.com/products/

If you want the most flexible one (highest resolution support), our UGA-2K-A is both top-of-the-line and our highest seller http://plugable.com/products/uga-2k-a/ So we’d go with that.

Hope that helps. Thanks again!

Awesome, so having the dock plus the UGA-2K-A gives me the ability to have a central place for audio/ehternet/keyboard hookup and hook up 2 additional monitors to my setup right?

Hi Tim - that’s right! And all over standard USB connections.

Bernie, I just got my equipment and it isn’t working. Here’s the config.

I’ve got the dock and plugged into that:

  • audio
  • USB telephone
  • USB for touch monitor (HP compaq L2105tm)
  • USB fob for wireless keyboard
  • USB to my UGA-2K-A
  • DVI for HP compaq L2105tm

I’ve got a samsung monitor plugged into the UGA-2K-A (DVI)

I’ve then plugged the dock into my Lenovo X220. Immediately it set up DisplayLink Graphics and Core software. However, no additional monitors are being found and the green light on my UGA-2K-A is not on.

I’ve rebooted and still no luck. This is Win7 64-bit.

Please advise.

Hi Tim,

Thanks for replying - we’ll get the problem figured out.

3 quick questions to get our bearings:

  1. Is the dock the our Plugable Universal Laptop dock (UD-160-A), or something else?

  2. If you connect the UGA-2K-A directly to the Lenovo X220, does the display come up then? (The Windows-P key combination brings up a menu of display configuration choices, choose “extend”)

  3. If it is, do you have a monitor connected directly to the dock also?

Thanks for that extra background, we’ll figure things out!

Best wishes,