Lenovo T420 laptop w/ port replicator -- display adapter doesn't work

i installed the latest 6.1 M1 version, and nothing is detected. I tested the USB ports with a keyboard and mouse, and they seem to work…

also the SATA hard drive docking station is not working either… there seems to be a plugable problem.

Digging deeper i found a plugable certificate that has expired last month (dec 2011). Could that be the issue?

oh, forgot to add: win7 64-bit, fresh install with all patches (installed today)

Hi ded,

Thanks for posting your question here! First, can you say which Graphics Adapter you are using? Have you used it before or is it new? Does it work when plugged into the laptop directly? Regarding the docking station, can you say more about the issue? How is it connected? What is the status of the disk installed?

With these additional details we’ll be able to figure next steps,
Thank you,


Plugable Technologies

I have a problem with lenovo L420 laptops being atatched to the usb port replicators. I had different problems for example there is a delay in the external monitor, network issues, keyboard issues. But the main issue is that the laptop freezes when it is connected to the replicator. Can anyone help please?