Lenovo Flex 5

I have a Lenovo Flex 5. I connected the USB C to the pluggable device using a USB C adaptor. I connected this to the back port. I also connected my monitor (Dell P2219H) via USB 3. I connected this on the front port. The monitor shows No HDMI/DVI/VGA cable.
What do I do?
Thank you so much.

Hello, thanks for posting and I’ll be happy to help.

Just to clarify, you are using a USB-C to USB-B adapter like below in order to connect to the back of the docking station?

Or would you be using a USB-C to USB-A adapter like our adapter below and connecting to the USB cable that came with the dock to the adapter?


Additionally, are you only connecting the Dell P2219H monitor via a USB cable and not using an HDMI cable? The monitor will not be able to display using only a USB cable, these are typically used to activate the downstream USB ports that are located on the monitor. You must connect the monitor to our dock via a video cable like an HDMI cable. This would correlate to the “No HDMI/DVI/VGA cable” message you are seeing on the monitor.

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies

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