Lay-flat USB 3.0 SATA Docking Station drive not showing in windows explorer, but device showing in device manager.

I have tried this dock on two computers, neither of which it has worked on. I have my hard drive (Samsung 840 EVO 500GB) plugged into the docking station, and the station plugged into the computer (as well as to power). When I turn on the docking station, my computer recognizes there is a new device, but Windows Explorer does not pop up with the drive, nor does the drive show in Windows Explorer. When I look under Device Manager or Devices and Printers, I can see the docking station listed. The LED light on it is blue, for what that’s worth.

We have contacted you directly via email.

I am having the same problem. What did you do to fix it?

Unfortunately the other customer never responded. If you contact us at directly we can assist you much quicker than on this forum.