Laptops don't see HDMI monitors on Dell USB 3 docking station via Plugable USB 3 switch

Connecting to a Dell D3100 USB 3 Docking Station using HDMI external monitors through a Plugable USB switch from two laptops. Each laptop see the HDMI monitors without issue when I bypass the Plugable switch. But introducing the switch causes neither of the laptops to recognize the monitors. Is this a known problem, or one by design? I don’t see any reference to such a problem on this forum. And the product information seems to indicate that it should work. Oh, and just discovered that audio isn’t passing through to the headphone jack, either…

Same problem here. This all worked even after a Windows 10 upgrade from Windows 8. I had 2 working scenarios up until about 1 month ago.

  1. HOME

HP Workstation & Dell Laptop INTO Pluggable USB Switch 2 INTO ETEKCITY Lapdock ( DisplayLink 7.9.1336.0 on HP & Dell) This allowed me to switch between home Workstation and Dell Laptop without “rewiring”, kids just hit the blue light.

  1. Work

Dell Laptop INTO Dell USB 3 Display Link docking station. No USB 3 switch in this scenario.

About 1 month ago the Dell Laptop stopped connecting the display reliably in the HOME scenario. It would show the screen for about 10-20 seconds then go blank. On going blank the USB disconnect chime sounded. All USB and audio is working. It’s just the display.

For the HP Workstation, there are no problems. It still works through the Pluggable switch. This has the same version of Windows with same current updates. However, the HP only has USB 2 hardware support.

To work around the problem in the HOME Scenario, I plug the USB 3 cable directly from the Dell Laptop into the Lapdock. All works as before. NOTE: The Dell Laptop has USB 3 hardware.

I believe the problem is likely that a Windows 10 update to the USB 3 drivers has introduce some incompatibility between Windows and the Pluggable Switch. This would explain why the HP still works because it has only USB 2.

Okay, more details. As I wrote the above I thought of another variable. The Dell Laptop has 3 USB3 ports and 1 USB2 ports. If I connect the Dell to the Pluggable USB 3 switch via the 1 USB 2 port it all works as before.

So, it’s possible that when the system was working in the past it was because it was connected to the USB 2 port and for some reason I started connecting to the USB 3 ports instead. This was not something I paid attention to before, so I can’t be sure.