Laptop Wifi adapter stops working

I just received “Plugable UD-3900” and found one problem. Once connected, my wifi adapter built into the laptop stops working.

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for reaching out to us, we’re sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your UD-3900 docking station. However, we’d be more than happy to assist you in getting things to a good working state. In order to do so, we’ll want to collect a bit of additional information.

First, just to verify, are you using any type of wired Ethernet connection with the UD-3900?

Second, once connected to the dock, is it possible for you to manually reconnect to the wireless network?

Lastly, with the laptop connected to the UD-3900, can you please run our log gathering tool Plugdebug. Simply go to this site, follow the prompts there, and send us the resulting .zip file at


Plugable Technologies

Yes, I’m using a wired connection through the dock but at first I wasn’t.

No, I’ve tried windows diagnostics but the problem wasn’t resolved.

Sure thing Stephen, sent it right after this reply.

I just received the same product today (UD-3900) and I’m having the same problem with my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro. My connection is wifi only on the laptop. As soon as I disconnect the USB cable to the Plugable device, my wifi connection is restored. Is there a fix for this issue?

Is it able to check for latest updates? That’s a problem I had in addition to this. Sorry, don’t expect me to be of any help. To be honest I think it just started working on it’s own.

I have a ud-3900 (purchased about 2 years ago) at work and it works just fine. I have an Ethernet connected to it and when disconnecting the Ethernet, my internal wireless on my Surface Pro 3 connects to the Wifi without issue.

I am now alternating from the office and home. Instead of bringing my ud-3900 home, I just purchased a new one for use at home. When connected to the ud-3900 at home, my internal wireless either does not connect (when booting connected to the us-3900), or becomes slow and drops the connection if I boot without the ud-3900, connect to the Wifi and then connect to the ud-3900.

I updated the DisplayLink drivers using the disc that came with the new ud-3900, but as I expected, it just updated the display drivers. Are there drivers for the ud-3900 and if so, are there new drivers for it? I will continue to search the site seeing as this thread is getting old without any responses.