Laptop Shut and External Monitors functioning...

I have the laptop plugged into the Plugable 3.0 USB docking station. I have 2 monitors also plugged in. I have the laptop screen duplicated to monitor 1 and then monitor 2 extended from there. I want to be able to shut my laptop and still have the monitors working with an external USB keyboard/mouse plugged in.

I know I can select “Do Nothing” on the closing of the laptop lid section (Windows 10), but then the laptop screen will also remain on when I do this. Is there a way to bypass this and accomplish what I want? I just want to plug my laptop in to the docking station and have the monitors work while it is closed, so I can treat it as a desktop computer. Thanks!

Hello and thanks for posting!

Typically when the ‘Do Nothing’ option you mention is selected and a laptop lid is closed, the laptop itself will disable the internal display and things should function as you wish.

All laptop manufacturers do things a little differently, and in some rare cases this process does not happen and is a hardware limitation of the laptop itself. If that is the case, one possible workaround is to manually disable the internal display via the Display Settings app (Win 10) or ‘Screen Resolution’ settings app (Win 8.1 & 7) when the lid is closed.

Another way to disable the internal display is by using the ‘Windows Key’ + ‘P’ shortcut combination (also known as the Presentation Mode shortcut) to toggle the internal display on and off, similar to what one might do when using a LCD projector.

Please let us know if that information helps!

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