Laptop "open" or "closed"?

If I use a “plugable” usb 2.0 universal docking station with my Dell Inspiron 640m laptop, can I “close” the laptop while I am working or does it have to remain “open”? If it’s closed, how do I “boot up”?

Hi Pat,

Thanks for the question! Yes - you can get the behavior you want here.

The trick is telling Windows 7 what you want it to do when the lid closes:…

By telling Windows to “do nothing” when the lid closes, the display attached to the Plugable USB adapter will keep working, even though the main laptop screen isn’t visible. Power down will only happen other ways - if the machine has been idle long enough, or if power down is explicitly chosen by the user.

Lastly, when you have closed the lid, choose to have the Plugable USB display configured to mirror the main monitor:… (this is the default setting in Windows 7 anyway). So you’ll be seeing a mirror of what’s on the laptop screen.

With that, you’ll have the behavior you expect.

Thanks again for the question!