Laptop no longer connects to UD-160-A

I have been using my UD-160-A successfully for three weeks. When I unplugged the USB and returned from a four day trip, my unit powered up, was recognized by my Dell Laptop (windows 7) but gives me a message that it is searching for drivers. After about 5 minutes of searching, I get a message that the search failed. I thought that after I had been successfully using the docking station for this period that plugging it in when I returned would be a snap. What do you suggest to get the unit working again? Shouldn’t the drivers have been installed on my first usage?

Hi Gary,

When a USB device is plugged into a different port, Windows will re-enumerate the device.

Since it didn’t reach Windows Update, I assume you had no network connection at the time. Can you get your network connection up (so you can reach the Internet with a web browser, etc.), unplug both USB and power to the dock, then plug everything back in and let us know how it goes?

If there’s a problem still, probably the quickest way for us to figure it out is if you could email with the .zip file from DIsplayLink’s support tool. Here’s how:…


That solved the problem. Thanks a lot for your fast response to my issue. You guys are great–I’m happy with my product and delighted by your excellent customer service.

Thank you! Glad to have you up and running.