Laptop monitor does not turn off when lid is closed

Lenovo Windows 8.1
Plugable 3.0 Dual Monitor Dock
Single HDMI monitor attached to dock

When I close the lid of the laptop the laptop’s screen remains active. The backlight turn off, but display is still active. With other laptops, usually running Windows 7, when the laptop screen is closed the screen is no longer active and any content is pushed to one of the connected monitors.

When the single monitor is connected to laptop’s own HDMI connection and the lid is closed the laptop’s monitor is no longer active, it is only when the monitor is connected through the dock that is does not work correctly.

Hello and thanks for posting! I’d be happy to help with your docking station.

As you mention, the default behavior when closing the lid on a laptop when there is an external display connected is to disable the internal display and send all the output to the external display. I have seen at least one instance with a laptop connected to a dock where the laptop did not send the proper signals when closing the lid to trigger this default behavior. The simple solution in this instance is to use the Windows Presentation Display mode shortcut of the Windows key + P combination to tell Windows to only use the external display while you have the lid closed. Once you disconnect from the dock, Windows will automatically re-activate the internal display. If for whatever reason it does not you can always cycle re-enable it with Windows key + P again.

Here is a handy reference to the various Windows Key shortcuts including the Presentation Display mode –>…

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