Laptop charging -- Lenova Yoga 7i

I have a brand new Lenovo Yoga 7i that I connected to a brand new Pluggable USB 3.0. I used the charging cable provided in the Pluggable box, however, it is not charging from th4e docking station. I have to plug the computer in to the power outlet to dock. Everything else appears to be working with the docking station except the charging. I have confirmed that the Yoga 7i supports USC C charging. Any ideas to trouble shoot this?

Hi there!

Thank you for contacting Plugable support. In order for your dock to provide power to the host, it must support the Power Delivery feature. If your dock does support the Power Delivery feature, please contact us directly at so we may help assist you further.

If you are unsure if your dock supports this feature, I would be happy to take a look to verify this. All I would require is the model number (often located on the packaging material or bottom of the dock), and I would be happy to confirm if your dock provides this feature.

For additional reference, another quick way to determine if your dock supports this feature would be to view the product page on our website. You can view our docking stations here:

From there, once you have identified your docking station, simply click on the image to take you to the product page.

Next, scroll down till you see Specifications and click on it to open the data for your dock.

If your unit supports the Power delivery feature under Power → Connection Type you will see a description “USB-C Power Delivery.”

If you do not see this description, your dock does not support the Power Delivery feature.

I hope this information helps!

Michael S.

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