Laptop and Second Monitor Flickering Periodically


My laptop and second monitor flicker periodically while I am working, interrupting whatever I am doing at the time. It wasn’t doing this before, but I recently updated DisplayLink Manager. I clicked on “check for updates” and it tells me it, “Cannot Update DispayLink Software. Unable to connect to Microsoft Windows Update Server.” However I clicked on it a couple times and it seems to have connected and I updated. I am still getting the same message when I try to update now, but repeated clicking only results in the same message and no update. I am wondering if I can go back to whatever version I was using before?


Hi Jessie,

Thanks for posting your question here! Could you run the DisplayLink Support tool (instructions here:… ) on the system and email the resulting .zip to along with your Amazon order ID and a link to this thread?

This would give us a better insight as to what is going on. Once we analyze it we can figure out the next steps.