LAN Multiclient UD-160-M

Does the UD-160-A works as a Multiclient device as de DC-125? and Where can I find the price to buy the UD-160-M? because is not in amazon

I have read that this device is compatible with Fedora for Linux but I’m wondering if it will work with Windows Multipoint Server 2011 too.

Hi Rodrigo,

Thanks for posting your question here! The Plugable UD-160-M will work with Windows Multipoint Server 2011 in addition to providing plug and play experience with Fedora 17 just like the Plugable DC-125.

The Plugable UD-160-M will be available on Amazon next week. If you want us to notify you when it becomes available on Amazon, just shoot us an email at and let us know. We would be glad to notify you.


Hi Rodrigo - By the way, don’t think of this as a “LAN multiclient”.

I just wanted to make sure there was no confusion above use on a network. All of our thin clients (both the DC-125 and UD-160 platforms) connect to the server via USB only. Neither connects over a network.

The UD-160 platform has a RJ45 port on the back, but it’s not useful for the thin client scenario - it’s only there to add a network interface to the host computer (exactly like a standalone USB Ethernet adapter), which is usually only useful when using these devices are used as laptop docking stations and you want a single USB cable to dock/undock a display, network, audio, and other attached USB devices.

So always keep in mind it must be a USB connection back to the server - these are not network thin clients!

Thanks again for asking!