Lag with second monitor

Just got my UD-3900, plugged everything in, and its completely unusable. I instantly noticed lag with the mouse and pretty much everything else. I am only using it for a second monitor for my laptop (which has usb 3.0) but the performance isn’t there. The laptop is msi gx63vr.

Also, I already tried unplugging the power cord, uninstalling the DisplayLink in control panel and than DisplayLink cleaner tool, reboot, and installing 9.0 M1 DisplayLink software, and plugging everything back, that didn’t work.

Hi Troy,

Thank you for posting! I am sorry things are not working as expected with your new docking station and I would be happy to help.

Thank you as well for the troubleshooting you have already performed that is much appreciated. The behavior you describe is not expected, so our next step is to get some additional information.

Please keep everything connected and send the output of our diagnostic utility PlugDebug → to us directly via with ‘For ticket #- 279909’ in the subject line. This will allow us to match things up and examine some log files from your system to help determine the next steps.

** Please also include the Amazon Order ID number for the UD-3900 purchase in your direct email **

*** Please do not post either the PlugDebug or the Order ID in our public forum ***

Thank you for giving us the chance to help!

Plugable Technologies

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