LaCie USB drive no longer detected when plugged into the USB 2.0 10-port hub


My LaCie hard drive is no longer detected via the Plugable USB 2.0 10-port hub. I’m on a late-2008 Mac, latest OS.

I have rebooted. I have plugged and unplugged. I have tried other ports on the hub. Nothing. But all other devices work.

My LaCie is detected if I plug it in directly to the MBP only.


Hi chipjoyce,

Thanks for contacting Plugable Support. I’ll be happy to help. It sounds like the drive may not be getting enough power. Can you tell me the make and model of LaCie hard drive you have? Does it have a power supply or is it powered by USB? If it’s USB powered, it should have a two ended cable so you can connect it to two USB ports for extra power, is this present and connected?

Let me know how it goes, were here to help!


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This is the model:

"LaCie Hard Disk 1 TB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive, Design by Neil Poulton 301304U

It has a power supply.



I also realize that my ScanSnap S1300 (which has its own power supply) does not work, either, through the hub.


Hi chipjoyce,

Thanks for the the additional information. I’d like to do a couple of tests to narrow down the symptoms. First, unplug all the cables from the hub except the power adapter to the wall, including the cable to the computer. Does the blue light stay on?

If the blue light doesn’t stay on when the power adapter is the only thing connected to the hub, then either the power adapter has died or there’s no power in the outlet.

Check these things out for me and we’ll figure out next steps. If you do find that there’s power at the outlet but no power to the hub, or power to the adapter but the light doesn’t come on, just send your Amazon Order ID over to and we’ll get you fixed up.

Thanks for your troubleshooting,

Plugable Technologies.


The blue light remains on when I do that test.


Hi chipjoyce,

Send an email over to with your Amazon Order ID and your preferred shipping address and I’ll get a pretested unit on it’s way over to you.


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It seems it might be an issue with my MBP: When I plugged in the hub to the other USB slot, everything works fine.


Thanks for the update!