KVM switch compatibility?

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Here’s my situation: I’m looking to get a 4x2 DVI KVM switch, meaning four computers connected to dual monitors. BUT, they’re really expensive. My expected needs include a lot of accelerated graphics on my primary monitor (2560x1600 - dual link), but my secondary will show less dynamic stuff. So after some research, I read about them DL-195 and the great Amazon reviews, and what seems to be very responsive official support here — I admire that, service doesn’t end with the purchase.

So, I was thinking that a possible alternative approach would be to get a 4x1 KVM switch and connect the DL-195 to the KVM USB hub instead. However, I’ve found at least one report of a generally similar situation not working: http://support.plugable.com/plugable/…

Plugable guys, have you tested with KVM switches and is there a compatible list? For example, do you know if yours will work with http://amzn.to/mOS3Bd ? I know it’s a very special-purposes field and I’m eager for more info. Thanks.

Hi Torley!

Thanks for posting and for your question!

Unfortunately we haven’t done testing with KVM switches and we have no compatibility list for them.

As you already saw, we have reports from users that had problems so we cannot really guarantee that it will work for you as all KVMs are different from each other.

Also irregardless of KVMs, none of our adapters will go as high as 2560x1600. The UGA-2K-A will go as high as 2048x1152.

Sorry we don’t have a more definitive answer!


Lampros, are you really a cat? :slight_smile: Hehe… thanks for the concise and very helpful answer.

And to clarify, I intended to use the UGA-2K-A with a smaller 1920x1200 secondary monitor.

I’ll wait until more info is available before purchasing.



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OK, back to business:
Thanks for that clarification, the UGA-2K-A will definitely have no problems dealing with that resolution but again when it comes to KVMs it’s hard to say if it will work or not.

We want to be careful about setting expectations - we still don’t recommend using DisplayLink adapters with KVMs as they all can be very different and results can be unexpected.

A compatibility list would definitely be a great idea though!

Thanks for asking ahead!


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Thanks again for helping me make an informed decision — I’ll certainly remember your awesome and fun support. :slight_smile: