Kindle Fire 2nd Gen External Keyboard?

I have the 2nd Generation Kindle Fire, but have become stuck on an area of use I would want to achieve with this.

After getting the tablet I have found the use of quick typing could be well needed for myself (as a sports journalist who could use it at matches). I quickly ordered a external keyboard and case duo, which said most 7" tablets would work.

Little did I know about the lack of USB possibilities until I researched it within the last hour. I saw some sites suggesting some downloads meant an external keyboard could be used.

I would only need it for basic typing, nothing on the internet etc. So is there anything that can be downloaded to mean I can use the keyboard, which plugs in fine but have no use.



Just to add, the keyboard I currently have, and really want to be able to use, and not send back, uses the standard port within the Kindle, a mini HDMI I believe.


We can support any products you have purchased from us but unfortunately this is not something we can really help you with or support.

I’d suggest taking a look here for some help with your Kindle Fire and your external keyboard:…

Best wishes,

Joshua Henry
Plugable Technologies